Tesla Model 3 and Model Y Battery Insulation
Tesla Model 3 and Model Y Battery Insulation
Tesla Model 3 and Model Y Battery Insulation
Tesla Model 3 and Model Y Battery Insulation

Tesla Model 3 and Model Y Battery Insulation

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Tesla Thermal Management System

Teslas regulate the temperature of the battery and drive unit with a glycol fluid which is heated or cooled as required and circulated through a series of heating/cooling channels and hoses. Insulating the battery and hoses creates a more stable environment which is less influenced by variations in outside air temperature.

Battery Pack Insulation

The Tesla Model 3 and Y battery insulation includes pre-cut cross-linked polyethylene foam panels and mounting instructions. The insulating panels help keep the battery pack at the ideal operating temperature to preserve battery capacity and performance during cold temperatures.

Heating / Cooling Hose Insulation

Heat management is an essential feature of our battery and drive units. Our batteries and drive units as well as the infotainment and computer are temperature regulated through approximately 40 feet of interlinked plastic heating/cooling hose. Glycol fluid is circulated through these hoses to warm the battery. During the winter, keeping the glycol fluid warm is difficult without insulation, this prevents the battery from reaching it's normal operating temperature 

Installing the hose insulation requires the car to be safely elevated. For those who are able to self install an installation guide is provided in the documents download page.

For safety and convenience, it is recommended that the insulation be installed by a vehicle maintenance facility. We have teamed up with installers in Canada and the USA, for help finding a local installer contact us!

The Battery insulation package includes:

  • Cross-linked polyethylene battery insulation panels.

Remaining items to be purchased:

These items are common hardware store items that can be locally purchased to complete the installation. Full details are included in the installation guide.

  • Foam rubber self-seal insulation tubes of three different diameters to match the hose sizes on the car. 
  • 3M High-Strength 90 Adhesive, 1 x 17.6 oz can
  • Outdoor rated silicone sealant, 1 x 300 mL tube
  • Wide painters tape


* If you are associated with a maintenance facility who would like to be added to our list of installers please contact us. 











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