Tesla Model 3 EVglass
Tesla Model 3 EVglass
Tesla Model 3 EVglass
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Tesla Model 3 EVglass

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What is EVglass?

EVglass is a sealed and removeable polycarbonate panel that is attached to the bottom of the cars glass roof to create a double pane window. The insulating effect works even better than it does in our homes due to the fast airflow over the glass. When driving,  the temperature difference between uninsulated glass and EVglass protected areas in very cold conditions is typically 20°C. 

Is tinted EVglass available?

Yes, EVglass is available in clear or tinted. The tinted version has approximately 50% opacity and will improve summertime heat protection.

What are the benefits of double pane EVglass glass?

  • A more comfortable cabin
  • Efficient cabin heating
  • Efficient summer cooling
  • Reduced cabin noise

Our glass roofs get very cold during the winter and very hot during the summer, the thermal radiant effect reduces cabin comfort. The EVglass keeps the cabin roof at a comfortable temperature.

Electric vehicles typically lose 20% - 40% of their range during the winter, one of the main reasons is cabin heating. Our EVglass reduces the heat loss through the glass roof by 75% which dramatically reduces the energy required to heat the cabin.

The EVglass panels are easy to install and remove but can be used year round to reduce AC use during the summer.

Precise testing using Teslas diagnostic and recording data showed a 24% reduction in range loss at -10°C / 14°F, and the colder it is outside the greater the reduction in range loss.

 How do they look?

The sunlight and warmth through our glass roofs is appreciated the most during the winter, the clear insulating panels are a no compromise option for efficiently warming the cabin. 

The EVglass panels are made from a high quality polycarbonate. A rubber seal on the panels creates an insulating air gap similar to the double pane windows in your home, the polycarbonate panel adds additional insulation but the sealed air gap creates the majority of the insulating effect. 

How are the panels attached?

The EVglass panels are held in place using clear polycarbonate retaining clips. The clips are secured between the interior trim panels and the glass roof and tightly support the panels.  


EVglass Installation

Made in Canada


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